Creative Storytelling

Storytelling is an age-old art. In fact, human beings are natural storytellers. How else on the earth we would have managed to have such a huge ocean of literature. Who doesn’t remember the old days when we used to crave to sleep with our grandparents to listen to those mythological stretches or those mystical Vikram Betals of our times.

Storytelling is an art that can be enhanced by mins training. We know that mind muscle can be trained and so by that logic anything can be trained to work better. Children are born storytellers hence with them this art is amazingly productive. Even in adults, there is a way that can be evolved to tell the right story in the right way at the right time.

We emphasize on workshops to be organized for various age groups since at any given point in time we need to communicate with each other personally as well as professionally. There is no way better than connecting with your listener than a story that touches his or her heart.

For children, it increases their listening skills, helps them to gain new vocabulary, connects them better with emotions. Stories narrated verbally leave far deep an impact than those read on laptops and I pads. A child ‘s memory is enhanced when there is something to be remembered from a story. these are games for him and not the regular academic process.

Even in adults when there is a message from the story it is memorized faster. Good advertising with strong storyboards is straight examples of the same.

Brain science agrees that storytelling engages a human brain four times more than a regular conversation. Whether you are handling a child, a first date or a boardroom effective storytelling will give you an edge over anyone else.

Our storytelling course

  1. Discover your own story
  2. Understand how good stories are made
  3. Accept and find your own storytelling abilities
  4. Have confidence in your own story
  5. Recognise the right time for the right story

For children, we also have storytelling sessions besides empowering them with the art of storytelling basis on various age groups. Some of our stories are



The Ravana


Willows Whisper

Brown ( Colour of skin )

Good touch Bad touch ( Safety )

Pre-registration is required in all workshops announced from time to time on our FB Events Page.


1. Kavita Kabira – Certified Life Coach & Psycho Therapist, Bestselling Author, Creative Storyteller, Teacher, Meditation practitioner and Conversationalist

2. Nikhil Juneja – Certified NLP Trainer, Leadership Coach