Revolutionary Child

Deep Roots is a program designed for to complement modern education. we believe that learning is trans generational and should be kept alive forever. Hence me and my children should be able to share knowledge and evolve together. I believe in learning from my eleven year daughter and believe me there are quite some things that I have picked up from the little monster.

Indian education system is wonderful in its own way. however there are little dots that still need to be connected. For some reason we strongly feel that it is irrelevant to test children on subjects that are not utility based like communication skills or arithmetic skills. Grading leads in lot of negative energy built up towards the overall concept of gaining knowledge for the sake of learning. Rarely children are invited for soulful reading and not tested not the same.

Ambitious parents and aspirational schools are putting undue pressure on kids and exposing them with choices unlimited. Research says that Indian students are facing tremendous increase in stress and there is a steep rise in suite rate as well. Children are falling for drugs and untimely sexual experiences as they take it to be easy escapes from day to day stress.

“As soon as I come from school, I have to rush for tuition. Post that I have tennis class that goes on till two hours. The coach is hard on us and its difficult for me to come back and study again which is expected out of me” said Anahita, a class eighth student of a prestigious school in Gurgaon.

Life is not a race and parents and teachers need to identify with different children and their needs with empathy. Deep roots is a program that is created in sync with educationists and corporate trainers in order to bring the best to our children. We believe in teaching what the regular school leaves out of its curriculum. Our mission is to lead the schools from better to best. Each child is unique and so we complement the school to create a unique program for every child.fullsizeoutput_b02Deep roots is a program powered by Wisdom Valley Foundation to bring together a positive change in their lives.

It is divided into three age groups

Wildflowers ( 5-8 years)

Grow smart ( 9-12 years)

Teen Screen ( 13- 16 years)

Course Content

Soulful reading – This includes a stint with our ancient rituals and mythological legends. Art of storytelling that creates and boosts imagination and out of the box thinking.

Personal Victory – Self esteem boosters. Confidence building exercises

Managing emotions- Handling anger, a growing problem with children. Handling peer pressure. Handling divorces, single parenting, stress at home, academic pressure etc

Study skills- Power of thought, Law of attraction principals, tools and tips for effective studying, speed reading

Presentation skills – specially for teens

Building trust- Power of honesty and self belief. earning respect and trust of others.

Confidence building – Exercises and engagement

Listening skills

Creative thinking and innovation

Polishing the diamonds for the final cut

Certificate of completion after the course would be awarded as a Deep root leadership course for children