Binaural beats meditation – your shortcut to bliss

  You don’t need to meditate like a Buddhist monk for hours to feel the benefits of meditation. There is a shortcut 😉 … Binaural Beats! Binaural Beats Meditations are actually my favorite, mainly because they are so effective. Many people miss out on the benefits of meditation, because they cannot reach a deeper state … Continue reading Binaural beats meditation – your shortcut to bliss



Practice , Pretend , Prepare. These are the thumb rules universe follows. Unfortunately universe does not communicate in English or anyother language. It has its own language. There are signs and symbols that it shows you when you start having that impulse of awakening. There are ways by which universe makes it clear that now … Continue reading PRACTICE, PREPARE, PRETEND


Isn't Sex bad and naughty. Isn't it more fun when it is secretly done with the wrong person. Is it right to talk about sex. Is it? There is no end to such questions. Sex is some thing that has too many definitions. It is clearly an individual perception as to how we look at … Continue reading SACRED SEX CHEMISTRY


“Teens today have an easy life” is a very common phrase. I would like to differ. I empathise with them and I strongly believe that teens today have a tougher life. Sitting on my bed with a book in my hand and a mom to guard full time I didn't have much choice but today … Continue reading BEING A TEENAGER IS TOUGH