Binaural beats meditation – your shortcut to bliss

  You don’t need to meditate like a Buddhist monk for hours to feel the benefits of meditation. There is a shortcut 😉 … Binaural Beats! Binaural Beats Meditations are actually my favorite, mainly because they are so effective. Many people miss out on the benefits of meditation, because they cannot reach a deeper state … Continue reading Binaural beats meditation – your shortcut to bliss



As I read the news today I saw a statement from a principal of a very reputed school with regards to usage of internet. As per the statement the internet should be banned in schools since it is the root cause of most of the problems and goof ups. Technology is growing massively over last … Continue reading I WANT MY DAUGHTER TO USE INTERNET


Belief System is the inner code that we have created in our minds for ourselves. The blueprint that creates our personality and makeup. There are few very common belief systems or blocks that refrain us from moving towards success and creating our own dream lives. It is very simple to break these unwanted beliefs. Remember … Continue reading I AM NOT IMPORTANT – BELIEF

INFIDELITY is here to stay

The other day I Had one of my clients Risha, discussing with me how her relationship with her partner is going nowhere. There is constant bickering and it feels that nothing is happening right. On top of it she had discovered that harsh was cheating on her. “ I found pictures and explicit exchange of … Continue reading INFIDELITY is here to stay


What is that one ingredient by removal of which you can loose as much as ten kg s within a month. SUGAR . Big bold italic. Sugar. Any diet is only and only going to work if there is no sugar. When our body eats more sugar which can be in any form and not … Continue reading DEATH BY SUGAR


Practice , Pretend , Prepare. These are the thumb rules universe follows. Unfortunately universe does not communicate in English or anyother language. It has its own language. There are signs and symbols that it shows you when you start having that impulse of awakening. There are ways by which universe makes it clear that now … Continue reading PRACTICE, PREPARE, PRETEND


To me my personal prime time is of utmost importance. I believe every individual has a concept of personal prime time. Some of us realise it and some of us don't. The way every ad or every announcement in the corporate set up has a prime time , there is one for me too.  That … Continue reading MY PRIME TIME