Loneliness is some thing that acts as a slow poison. The problem with mental imbalance is that no-one gets what you are going through until you break down. Tears flow through your eyes giving away the amount of hurt you have gone through. The number of times your self respect has been wounded and still you have survived. It pricks every moment but still since you have worn your orange lipstick with that colourful eye makeup everyone thinks you are in your highest spirits. You go coach the little kids out of their fears, have conversations with people bout their lives. Maybe at times help few of lost souls in taking decisions, yet when you come back to that grand bed of yours you know that life is empty. You can help people because you know where it pitches but then again when it comes to yourself you got to move on. You got to understand that there is no-one that can ucropped-life-occassion.jpgnderstand your hurt. Since you have to fight your battle alone. This is loneliness. When you look around in the mirror and you can see yourself frozen. Its ice all around. People are sending warm wishes but they don’t reach you because you are immersed in cold.

Slowly there is a feeing that is injected into you. It gradually spreads into your body and gives birth to an ache. It makes you doubtful about your dreams. You can see people but you can’t feel them. There are tears but you can’t cry. There is no reason you can give yourself about being that sad but then there is no reason to be happy either. Life crumbles and falls in front of you. You join classes to learn about how to handpick the fallen stones of life.

The idea is to keep going. Take a glass of rum, get yourself warm and keep going. Dont quit. Its alwaysand only about how long could you withheld the cold storm. How long could you walk with the hurting foot. How long. Its just about how long it would be .

Just a little longer.

Winners do it just a little longer.

So you there, I know you are frozen but I dare you not give up.

Stay in just a little longer and let the spring touch you.

Kavita Kabira- Autor and motivational speaker



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