DENNIS WAITLEY- Psychology of Winning

Dennis Waitley’s masterclass was one of the best classes I attended. He so neatly and simply out in words things which are so complicatedly explained by many. He is the author of the book Psychology Of Winning. I haven’t read the book but I intend to do so. His class made me realise that thoughts and beliefs are so much powerful

It is as if he creates a magic mirror in which you reflect yourself and boy, the magic mirror is grand. he is the man that has the ability to change your life and bring in lots of positivity.

He speaks with all warmth and humility. never for a second in his class you feel you re sitting in front of a master, rather he is like one of your grandparents explaining you stuff with sincerity and warmth that touches your heart instantly. He so simply puts everything for you in simple steps.And yes you want to follow what he says. It looks  easy.

I look forward to more from him

images WISDOM RATING ******


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