Jeffrey Allen is the founder of ONENESS Company and works there with his partner, the beautiful Hisami. He is the author of DUALITY ENERGY TRAINING, a book and a guide to managing your energy networks.

I happened to attend one of his workshop, named Duality. The innocence on his face and the fresh energy was mesmerising. He was soft-spoken and clearly had come long way in life. Ready to embrace whatever comes his way merely looking at him was enough to cast a calming effect on your mind.

His workshop made me contemplate and improve my conversations with people. more importantly my business conversations wherein I practiced how to make all conversations go my way. I even picked up tips to unblock and manage my hidden energies and make them work in my direction. The simple exercises that he spoke about in his 90 minute workshop were just the tip of the iceberg.

He also touched upon sacred geometry and how I can use the same in manifesting my thoughts. Unbelievable.

Look forward to more such exposures with him.

IMG_4927_AndysFavorite-crop-white-200x321-186x300 WISDOM RATING *******


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