LIGHTWORKERS ARE GUIDED SPIRITS WANDERING ON OUR PLANET TO BALANCE THE DARKNESS. They are the ones you see around acting weird. they come across as people who would surprise you with their loving side and then on some days roaring like lions. They react to the energy of moon. They shine so bright that people are automatically drawn towards them.

They come in all different shapes, sizes and forms and are all around you. the ones who get into their shells off and on recharge themselves and come with a bang.

They believe in CONSCIOUS EXPANSION. The seek and strive for enlightenment. they make mistakes, fall into traps but there light always shine them out

They are knowingly or unknowingly assisting people to find their purpose in life.
Often these sparkling should have a tough life and have to go through various hardships of human existence. This makes them a better person and polishes their light. no wonder most of them are looking confused while surrounded by people. They don’t belong here but there heart bleeds for mankind.

Many Lightworkers have lived a fulfilling life in short period. They are magnets for challanges. Their lives are championed with loss, sadness, illness, depression, anxiety and fear so that they can live and teach how to navigate through the uncertainty of life and be living proof of walking the talk.

There can be no great teacher who has not touched the lowest point of life to understand how to navigate others and avoid it for them.

You are a Lightworker if you
1) Need to help people even if it is in simpler forms
For example yesterday while my friend was cribbing about her husband I reminded her that life passes very quickly and who knows how much time we have. we need to try focus on the positive aspects of things.
2) Often feel connected to spiritual guides, angels or spiritual rituals
3) Are capable to feel other peoples’ pain as your own
4) Can see beyond the obvious situations
5) Believe in bringing people together

If you think you belong to this word and feeling join our LIGHTWORKER TRIBE


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