Music is a vibration. So is every thing that exists in universe. Music therapy is growing everyday as a positive and inexpensive way to heal all. It is an expressive therapy based on emotional, physical, social and touches all parts of you. I have personally seen people switching from one mood to another once they are exposed to a certain form of music.

Research demonstrates that adding music to treatment improves symptoms even in likes of schizophrenics. Further, it can play an important role in reducing depression, anxiety and chronic pain. The area is so vast that you have a song,an instrument, a beat for everyone. You can choose and play what you think can heal you. It helps opening and balancing Inner Chakras.

Binaural Beats is another form of music that helps you to move in deep states of meditation in few minutes. such states can be achieved either by persistent Yoga Kriya or can be assisted by music beats. Music even impacts biological factors like BP, Stress, heart rate and cortisol levels. It can have anti ageing effects as well

Few clinical psychologists believe that participation in music is what can redeem human race and treat ailments pertaining to mind.In fact I believe that is what Pete Seeger, the spiritual Godfather of healing music theory, had in mind when he gave the world lyrics like; We Shall Overcome.


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