How many times I have been hearing #young parents talking about pressures in dealing with kids. Sure there are. The first pint is the difference between generations. For a minute assume that all our minds have a switch. The switch is evolving constantly and suddenly as we enter 2007 the switch disappears. what comes in place is a chip. A chip designed in extremely advanced format that requires feeding data in a given format. Now we have always handled switches. Manually pressing in information as and when required. Irony is the chip does not need us to feed in data. It absorbs. That is the primary difference between all past generations and the alpha kids. The kids who are born into a digital world that absorbs information. Now at times they don’t even need this information yet they are loaded with it through all kinds of medium from all possible channels.

The challenge for parents is to modify this information. You cannot and cannot stop the intake of information even if you would want your child to keep away from certain things. At 6 year old they would know what a kiss is, what alcohol is, what probable a date is and all that stuff which you would not want them to know. they would be far more interested in all adult games much earlier and would have access to google god and facebook friend to update all required curiosity.

The idea now is not to get worried over this, but accept it. Do not sweat over the fact that they know too much. Please understand that the chip is evolved to process much more than what perhaps you did when you were there age. All we need to do is to be honest to our children. Be human. Treat them as mini adults, respect them, their interests, even their friends.  A five year old would also take offense if he is ill treated in front of his peer group. Believe that they know it much before you think they do. They understand. Respect their ability to be sharper than older generation and give them space. Be a guide.

some time back I read a quote from Khalil Gibran that said

now is the time to understand that in literary sense. You have to be a guide to them and let them grow and see them bloom from a distance.


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