VOWW is the word.

I attended the masterclass with Emily Fletcher on Meditation for Superperformance. The way Emily explains every little thing is adorable. She has this cute little sense of humour which comes directly from her warm little heart. She wears a smile that topples you over anyway.

I even attended a mini course by Emily and she explained how meditation is that one miracle that has the potential to save the world. Meditation improves your skin, life, nails and of course sex. It helps against diabetes, blood pressure, insomnia and makes the planet a better place to live.

The way Emily smiles and urges you to meditate twice a day is so innocent in its own way that you immediately fall in love with her Ziva Meditation. Neuro Science as per Emily is already catching up with where ancient studies had been long back. its time to stop and revive our collective values.

In her very own words , “The Universe has chosen you. If you choose not to act, it will choose some one else upon you.”

sale-row01-hero-croppedWisdom Rating *******

( Bonus star from Lightworker Tribe)

I loved the guided meditation with her and fun loving, hilarious style of mixing Meditation with everyday issue.



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