LATE Psalm Isadora was a sex coach, author and yoga teacher based in Los Angeles. Yes a sex coach. Most of us think we are masters of the art, specially in a country like India where sex is publicly given a backseat. We are so ashamed of acknowledging a process that brings us in life. Ah, ironical as ever.
It is amazing how most of the men think that it only matters as long as they have a big size and it stands up. Huh, sorry to burst your bubble but then it is nothing like that. Sex is a sacred art and is conducted in between men and women with loads of love respect and sensitivity towards each other and that is when the universal love and passion open its access o you.
Psalm has shown the light to thousands of people before leaving this world for good. A true Lightworker she has initiated multiple workshops and guided people to have better connects, better intimacy, better sex and and hence better lives.
I is astounding courage and enthusiasm to bring this groundbreaking, often taboo coaching to your bedrooms and being a part of your most private minutes. She has her video series that I am sure is worth looking forward to.
While I Attended her course, The Art of Sacred Sexuality , it was my mind-blowing journey to understand myself a shade better and also help my partner to explore me the right way and with a positive spirit, with no ego involved. Another son hers is available online under the category of “Unlocking Orgasm for Women & Couples”
An amazing woman spreading and coaching what passion and Tantra is all about, and ah much sacredly
944699_807913412644275_2390801301505838226_n WISDOM RATING *******


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