Education is jazzed up today and to my mind lot of things are overrated and some of them are underrated. There is no clear mix of what should go in the minds of poor little dynamites and when. While today’s kids seem to be in control they are more and more vulnerable inside. Most of the schools are trying to give the best but still there is no much priority on human skills. Competition and academic results are blown out of proportion.

Children are exposed to multi tasking much before there minds are fully developed. My child’s school counsellors, teachers work their hearts out and are responsive but eventually they have to meet academic standards, finish syllabi in time, some times manage more than 40 kids in one class, check notebooks and also manage their personal lives and stress factors.

These days I meet children who have yet to experience what healthy friendships and relationships are. They are dealing with undiscussed family dramas or crisis

Stressed woman with girl

 I just met a girl who told me that she feels lost since her dad is travelling most of the time and mother depends on a drink to put herself to sleep every night. She is scared if she speaks out her fears to them they might just break further. What was interesting was the fact that the girl was worried about their breaking up. Inside she was worn out with a mix of emotions, not sure who to talk to. She said she has been in intimate relationship with her classmates since it feels as if some one cares. yet eventually she finds them not up to the mark.

This didn’t happen the first day of meeting her. Teens take time to open up. They need to be sure you are not judging them or it is not a trap set by parents to stalk them. They need to know that you are not acting smart. You are a friend and some one who has slightly more experience than them in life. They need to know that you have made mistakes and goofed up in life and you have abused yourself. Not because they want drama but they are interested in real life examples. If you fell in a ditch and you made it out maybe you can really help them.

The whole idea is to infuse life into them using the channel of trust and rewire their trigger points and put their pieces together. A coach gives them a perspective and an ability to choose.

More and more parents are hiring a life coach for their children, enrolling them into such programmes. Most of the celebrities have personal mentors for their children so that they can have some one distinguishing dreams from reality. Some one who can make their game up and don’t let them quit. Some one who can root them guide them and help a healthy communication between the fast moving generation. “A coach will catch up with the child and up your game”, says a renowned media journalist who came to me initially since she was guilty of travelling most of the time. Today she is one of my friends and a happy client.

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