I am the one who fills in the gap between you and God.

As Spirituality Influencers our role is to help people find their purpose. In this urgent rush hour where there is conscious and collective evolution of human mind. More and more people are turning towards spirituality more than religion. It is essential to be exposed to the right kind of masters and events to connect to your own individual road map.

For instance meditation is defined by set parameters by lot of people. Often we believe that sitting in one position with closed eyes and trying hard to achieve a thoughtless brain is meditation. Maybe it was never the right way for my spirit to meditate like that. If you put a student with no appetite for a particular subject in that class isn’t he bound to fail. Meditation for my spirit might come through dance, swimming, playing chess or just wandering alone in the mountains.

Anything it could be anything. There are different paths towards the mountain peak. There is no need to follow one. In fact you can even discover your own. You can pick up a shaman as your life coach. You can register in places like Zorba, attend the talks on Shanidasha, or simply follow an online program. There are ways of evolving like reiki or crystal healings that one can use for himself or others. You can also follow teachers like Sadhguru, The art of living etc.

I have tried to connect with the higher self in various ways. I have figured out that there is so much to explore. The vibrational detoxes or sound meditations. The dream state or just the state of trance.

However there are lot of people who just would want to extract money out of misleading and exploiting the urge to find peace in human minds. We make sure that our tribe gets the best practices available and the best experiences through us. We also try and get the best deals for you by networking with the best teachers in the world.

Be a part of wisdomvalley tribe.

Kavita Kabira: Founder Director Wisdom valley. Author , blogger, mystic.



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