Sex has been long seen as a forbidden exercise. Every time I talk about  sex I see people giggling and my own friends coming back with stupid questions making fun of the whole  concept. Addressing all questions in one go I would want to state that,  Yes Sex is sacred. It sure is. To explain this further I would want to take an example of any experience in life. Each experience is different for every human being. we all rate same songs differently, same movies differently and react to different situations quite differently.

Sex is no different. Like the same food in a restaurant is both appreciated and criticised by different set of people, similarly sacred sex is some thing that is picked only by handful of people who  are open for experiment. Magic will only resonate with the ears those who are open to listening to its whispers. However when I say sacred it does not mean religiously sacred, it just means divine. It means cosmic energies coming together to align the pleasure in the best way possible that benefits your soul. It reaches beyond bodies to the spirit.

Sex is a core essential of humanity and it plays a role in your overall mental and physical health. Sadly lot of sex todayis judged and watched through the sidelines of porn and various other vain methods. It is judged by the external body and not the energies that explode inblood and flesh. While this does get you a release but this would be short lived and carries animal instinct in nature. Ironically Sex is a explosive energy that we carry in our Kundalini and most of the time we don’t even realise it.

The first step towards partnering me in this divine program is to love yourself. To give anything to others you must have it enough yourself. Hence you should not be love starved. You have to be open and warm towards understanding your own spirit. Believe that you are God’s own child or a beautiful creation of whatever source of energy you believe in. Believe in your own impulses and believe in your own goodness. Have faith in your power of sharing and giving to all the other forms of life on this planet.

Accept with warmth that your partner is also the same divine form of energy created in your own form. He or she also is imperfect like you but is connected to the same source of energy or created by the same God and sent to you to carve meaningful experiences in life. Some of them might not have been so everlasting and happy but all of them were meant towards making your journey complete. Those were Karmic lessons for your soul in life which would have not been complete without those experiences. Having said that I would focus on that some other time.

Another most important hitch to have total surrender to the program is age. Believe me when I say that age is no barrier to create a masterpiece. Some of the most creative people started avid late in life and did amazingly well. On the contrary age with itself brings a sense of maturity and a knowhow of various things. It is free of experimenting and figuring out your own sexuality in a raw way. Most of the times you have seen the other side of the coin and hence the spirit is more hungry to find out its own divine print with a hunger more than ever.

Here is where a deeper understanding of forgiving yourself and the partner comes in with the warmth of a mature love that dwells at the death of oceans and not floats in shallow lakes. Once you accept each other as a divine blueprint brought together for a soulful union believing that sex is not bad. It was created by god for every form of life with love as a way to create life. Like Rumi says ‘set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flames.’ I take this further by adding ‘also be the one who wants to fan flames of love in others.’

For many it means childish but ambience while you make love is the utmost important thing. Why do you think movies strive on the background music and essential sets to match the emotion. the scented candles, a special corner for having tea in those special glasses, a soft blanket only for special occasions, time out from children, a romantic sound from some app or binaural track to enhance alpha waves, rose petals and ah it already sounds beautiful. Doesn’t it? What stops you to do some thing that sounds so beautiful even in imagination. Give wings to the imagination. You are the star of your movie. Be it.

Prepare your external body. A body is beautiful irrespective of some vain parameters thrown at you by the darker society that we are part of. Love your body with oils, a nice hair do, a special piece of fabric that matches your spirt. There has to be no body shame. Anyone who judges the spirit through body is not eligible for sacred sex and the peace that it can endow upon your spirit. Your fat little stomach is as much a part of you as your beautiful eyes. A scar on you is God’s special signature on your spirit with a mark left for your lover to find you. Be proud of every inch of yourself. You are alive. Feel it.

Design your own little rituals. Till you do that follow one of mine. Make an orange circle and fill it with rose petals. Sit in between looking at the third eye of each other. Nah Do not feel shy. Its just you and your other half. You have always known each other. Hesitations came in due to the mundane things you encountered on planet earth. However you are beyond this. Both of you are eternal.

Take turns with adorning essential oils on each other, crown area, third eye, genitals and wherever you are attracted to. Even those feet. Practice looking into each others eyes. You have no idea what a connect you can form through eyes while your hearts are open to each other. No better time to form a stronger connect. No better time to forgive and revive the earlier connects. Practice.

Visualise yourself with your partner in a glowing light. See yourself in a shining white star making love to each other and being part of the cosmic union of universe. Say things that you mean. Talk to each other about what magical visualisations you can see without any judgement. Be free and in the moment. Let your mind be intoxicated enough to show no judgement.

Talk about it once you are through the experience of being one. Go slow. There is no hurry. Universe is singing with you and you are humming the same song. Sacredly.

You will see how one mindset shift becomes a game changer in your lives.

Peace, Love and Light

Kavita Kabira: Author of Few Moments of letting Go, Life Guide, conversationalist and Meditator





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