tantra-sex-e1490287569230.jpgIsn’t Sex bad and naughty. Isn’t it more fun when it is secretly done with the wrong person. Is it right to talk about sex. Is it?

There is no end to such questions. Sex is some thing that has too many definitions. It is clearly an individual perception as to how we look at it. To me sex is sacred. it leaves me disappointed when I feel that a friendship that I started with someone is at the end only hinting at a physical pleasure. Come on! what is sex. its a basic human need. It gives us pleasure quite similar to gluttony. There are people who escape reality by eating chocolates and ice creams thinking they would make their mood upbeat. Sexual addicts are not perverts. They are sad. Its like bad eating habits leads to more and eating habits. Its like you do cocaine and then find out newer ways to mix it so it keeps you interested.

Orgasm is a moment that makes the mind thoughtless. In that moment we tend to forget everything and ironically thats is the state every human mind is craving for. Meditation and Orgasm leads to same state of mind both creating alpha brainwaves. A man or a woman feels peaceful moment in that release and identifies it to be an escape route.

Its sad. Sex when used for an escape is only like an ice-cream used to cure depression. Both will have a temporary placebo effect on the mind.

However unlike ice-cream there are ways to use sex in a more sacred fashion. much deeper understanding comes from our own vedas and tantra that originated on our holy Indian Soil. Kamasutra that is our Sex Bible screams how open and pious sex was in our past. It is no fun secretly watching a porn and wondering where it leads. Sorry to burst the bubble but it leads nowhere.

Whatever pleasure we need out of this wonderful connection that we can form with another soul using our body as the sensory organ is already coded in our brains. To begin with we need to look inside. Honestly if you ask me what you achieve out of sex depends more on you than on your partner.

First of all you don’t have to be ashamed in admitting you like it. Talk about it, read about it and read the scriptures. Ancient techniques followed by our Tantra experts. Practice a little Orgasmic Yoga. Feel free to pass on the knowledge to your children. Ambiguity leads them to get themselves exploited. No wonder teenage pregnancies and abortions are on rise. Stress is increasing in children and they again find sex as the escape route. Don’t let the brain wiring redesign itself and human species loose on such a beautiful secret. Don’t let our children become deprived of making passionate, strong and intense human connections. Sure there is a thrill breaking the rules but not to the point where there is no turning back.

Remember sex is the universe’s method to allow life-force its beautiful ability to create. From my personal experience sexual, creative and spiritual energies are really part of one whole. If you are creatively expressed you would be sexually expressed too. Now you know why creative people tend to be more attractive. If you in the flow with the universe then you must believe that God has a hand in sexuality as much in spirituality.

Sex is a core function that keeps human health evolving. yet to fully express sex in the divine way we need to engage with it in a divine forum. Remember we are spiritual beings created in the divine blueprint. Treat your partner as divine. Forget about the daily mundane grudges while indulging in sex just the way you forget them while eating out at your favourite restaurant or having a drink while listening to favourite music or reading a book or watching a movie. Treat it as an activity, a creative platform that will infuse energies that will transform your entire life if rightly handled.

To help you do this create an environment. You can light red candles, red petals. Red is the fengshui colour that stimulates physical senses. Prepare your body. Take a bath, smell ┬ánice. Sit together with your partner and just lean in. Inhale and Exhale focussing on your breath for six times. Create extra sensory stimulation by massaging each other with sandalwood, rose or lavender oils. Look deep into each other’s eyes. Do not bother about your bodies. When souls make love they don’t care about how the tool used looks like. Tool here is your body, a form that helps your souls connect deeper through the mirror ways of your eyes. You will see pictorial visuals in each other’s eyes coded there since eternity. Let your imagination read those codes.

Personally I have visualised a calming ship sailing in a deep blue sea in my partner’s eyes and much more. Follow your movements and do whatever is giving you pleasure. let the pleasure boil in slowly. There is no hurrying up. The eternal protocol is GO SLOW.

Visualise you and your partner inside a small little cottage of red roses sitting in between a three dimensional star radiating the perfect glow. Feel each other and take time. Concentrate on the journey and not the end result. When you are climaxing imagine the whole body participating and feel the vibrations in your stomach. Draw that energy up towards your heart and see how you feel that bliss entire day.

Laugh, share and chat in the after glow. We belong to a land where we worship Sex God in the form of Kamdeva and Rati’s sacred union. Why not replicate it.






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