Revolutionary Woman

“The revolutionary woman is inspired by herself. She looks at herself as the pillar to lean on inspite of her burn out. She is who she is and is complete even when she is broken” ————–Kavita Kabira

Woman is power. Our ancient scriptures also claim that women have had the power to change the dynamics of history from time to time. Be it Sita, Draupadi or Cleopatra. Women can roar and with an uplifting energy that even have the credential to share the same with another woman instantly.

In day to day life women are wired to smash their own desires, deplete their energy and sit back on their dreams and desires not knowing why she often gets so offtrack. Woman who can say ‘No’ is an empowered woman. Woman who can look in the mirror and see her beauty inspite of her physical flaws in an empowered woman. A woman who is not regretful of being a bad parent, a bad wife, a bad employee is an empowered woman.

Revolutionary Woman is all about creating an inner transformation in women. Empowering them with tools and resources that can help them build themselves in day to day life. These tools can help them achieve their goals be it professional or personal.fullsizeoutput_13c

We form a tribe that offer a support group for life to all our women members. The workshop creates an ambience and a platform to showcase oneself and drink on each others vibrant energy and creative juices.

Revolutionary women encounter challenges everyday. Apart from day to day community struggles like employment, parenting, this includes physical and sexual violence, being kept out of school, disproportionate vulnerability to HIV infection and lack of access to property and other rights.

7aca81f3-9a68-41d3-8da9-0a2c8447edd9Yet they are not giving up. Just as they fight with the whole gamut they are constantly evolving to bring innovative ideas and support systems to constantly improve their lives. Understanding that investing in Women empowerment and leadership now and for the future, is essential, Wisdom valley has created an exclusive module with the help of best trainers to achieve the mission.

Revolutionary woman designed to support the development of  women’s skills and to enable them to provide leadership on the issues that concern them. It offers engaging and dynamic activities to motivate and enable young women to believe in their abilities to catalyse change and to mobilise others to do the same.


Respect, Experience, Empathy, Engagement, Openness and Fun

Course Content


Welcome and warm up / Icebreaking

Relaxing and Fun engagement for participants

Leadership Goals/ Being a Leader

Leadership games and tools

I have a dream/ Conflict resolution

Your unique leadership identity

Leader with a multiple perspective

Seek a feedback to evolve

Corporate NLP for leadership


Evolution of a revolutionary Woman

Mindsets of a revolutionary woman



The wheel of Co Creation

Finding my strength

Say it with Silence

Parenting aspects

Co working aspects

Sexual Freedom/Reproductive health

Self esteem and Body image

Violence against Women/Physical and emotional abuse

Revolutionary woman offers real life scenarios and discussions, of problems and possibilities specifically of women in leadership and responsibility. The leading edge makes sure that participants get real time feedback and tools from the trainers. Throughout the program the participants would have their unique impression as a woman. Hence they would identify with whats most special and unique in them enabling them to be a more grounded and stable leader.


Our Trainers : 

1. Dr. Vipula Gupta: Vipula Gupta is a Clinical Psychologist with more than twenty years of experience in the clinical field, performing various psychological tests on and rendering guidance to and counseling of patients with behavioral problems.

Done her Masters in Psychology from Calcutta University. Taken seven years training in PSYCHO-ANALYSIS from The Indian Psycho-Analytical Institute, Calcutta, The Institute is registered under Act XXI of 1860 and is affiliated to International Psycho-Analytical Association. She has also done P.G. Dip. in Guidance & Counselling. Has written a Research Paper entitled “A Brief Study of Validity of Introversion-Extroversion Inventory”. This Paper was published in the Journal of Science Congress. She has a lot of clinical experience and has worked with leading Psychiatrists in Calcutta doing psychotherapy and psychometric tests.

Registered as a Rehabilitation Psychologist under the Rehabilitation Council of India Act, 1992 under the aegis of the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India.

2. Nikhil Juneja – Certified NLP Trainer, Leadership Coach. Conducting workshops with companies like Airtel, American Express and many more

3. Kavita Kabira – Certified Life Coach & Psycho Therapist, Bestselling Author, Creative Storyteller, Teacher, Meditation practitioner and Conversationalist

4. Shewta Thakur – Internationally acclaimed and certified Yoga trainer specially taking workshops for women. Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher,accredited with yoga alliance  from The Yoga people, London and a  prenatal yoga teacher,accredited by Tara Lee,London and The Yogadarshanam,Mysore. She is a super hit with pregnant women. A visiting faculty for Hyderabad university and Google employees

For more details and customised workshops on women please contact Wisdom valley :9971880693