I remember when I was a child, I in order to copy the perfect way the news readers used to present the news in our times, used to read aloud. I looked in the mirror noticing every single word, letter that went out of my mouth. I tried to glance in the mirror and read fast so that I could look up and down like those trendy news reader.

I don’t know when this became a habit and I started learning my subject answers also by speaking aloud. Everything I read aloud I guess had more registration in my mind and I increasingly improved my reading. Thats how the power of subconscious works. So now you know what makes positive affirmations powerful.

These days children don’t read aloud. I haven’t noticed many of them doing that. Most of them are buried in their own rooms, within their own books or are supposed to be classy and do things in a classic way.

Research shouts that reading aloud is the single most important activity that promotes early literacy skills to its best. It sharpens the skill set required to fast reading in a child. The child can hear himself and his awareness of spoken word is heightened, leading to better pronunciation. He understands things and stories faster because he reads and thinks in language. His recognition of sound is brilliant.

Reading enhances listening skills, sensitivity towards life, exposure to various perspectives and a magical world to be in.

Loud reading leads this to the fullest potential.




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