Practice , Pretend , Prepare. These are the thumb rules universe follows. Unfortunately universe does not communicate in English or anyother language. It has its own language. There are signs and symbols that it shows you when you start having that impulse of awakening.


There are ways by which universe makes it clear that now it has started developing faith in your mind impulses and now you are ready to carve your dream life. Few of which are you would suddenly loose interest in regular jokes that would be aimed on some thing or some one in specific. Your mind has outgrown any kind of judgement , even in humour. Don’t worry. This is not as bad as it looks. In fact there would be no connect between you and jokes that are hinting towards sexual metaphors. This is because your headspace is in different dimension than many people. Easy

Another thing that can happen is your interest from TV would lessen. gradually it might go to zero. This is because you would get bored of knowing things that are making no difference to your intellectual capacity. Anyway no worries. understand that you are awakening for a brighter life.

Practice, prepare, Pretend. It is time to discover who you are, what you want in life and how would you get it. Most important when you get it how would you sustain it. Thumb rules. once you know what you want practice it for example you want love in your life then practice giving love to people, practice a bit of more compassion in everyday life. Try my compassion meditation or any other that you like. Then prepare for the love to enter your life. Open up your heart. Be positive. Pretend is when you are fully confident of the change in your life so for example in this case you start behaving as you have fallen in love with some one imaginary. You sleep with him, prepare bed for him, make lunch for him, plan your travel with him.

Miracles! you will witness all this happening. law of attraction is the magical law of universe and it speaks to you in magical language. If you believe there is no magic then it is not, if you do believe in magic then there is. You get to choose. Bingo!

*Kavita is the author of Few moments of letting Go and motivational speaker and psychologist. Founder of MINDTRIBE


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