To me my personal prime time is of utmost importance. I believe every individual has a concept of personal prime time. Some of us realise it and some of us don’t. The way every ad or every announcement in the corporate set up has a prime time , there is one for me too. ┬áThat is the time where I chill. I know so many people who waste their prime time in watching TV, stressing up and worrying about unnecessary things that are not even in their control, thinking about others and feeling jealous and wasted.happy-in-nature

Well there are better ways you can utilise this time. Go back to your younger years. Given free time what you used to do when younger say about ten year old. Definitely not brood unless some one took away all your chocolates. That too didn’t last long. Go back to those wonder years and try to remember what you used to do then. Perhaps that is ideally what you would love to do now. Like I loved writing. Thats what I still love.

Maybe you can have a look at your Friday evenings, as to what you would love to do with them. First of all please and please turn that TV off. It clutters the head. Media is full of negative publicity and negative news is not the news you should be hearing all the time. Most of the serial are regressive rather creating any [positive ripple or tribe around people. The feeling generated is usually of competition and stress.

Declutter your room, your house first to declutter your mind. there should be nothing in your house that you advent used for last one year. Chances are high you would never use it.

Avoid judging people’s lives through social media. You don’t know whats going on behind those pretty pictures. No-one is happy, travelling taking selfies all the time. everyone goes through the motion and everyone has their days. Social media today is the cause of biggest stress as researched. People thing they are distressing and chilling but all the while the subconscious is taking on to a different challenge all together. Cut the game and come out of the trap.

Each day write three good things that happened to you or what you are thankful about. Those could be as simple as having no loss of electricity, having a pair of socks in the morning, having some one ironing your outfit, having a morning bed tea. We often tend to forget simpler things in life but those are very important. Imagine you wake up to a dark, hot, empty, home in the morning. Argh…

Your inner child is very important. Don’t let that one go ever. I still act like a baby with my ten year old. I still make her act like a one year to me some times. I don’t want her to let that baby girl go ever. I want our sense of humour to stay intact. Laugh at yourself and at this crazy world we live in. Like some one rightly said, No-one got out alive from here. We are not robots designed to be perfect, we can goof up and those are fun moments. Laugh at your goofs. Allow space to others as well. Don’t take life too seriously. Shit happens and its up to you to make it sound gory or just go on laughing at the flip side.

Spend time with children. This is one thing that would keep you young. If children like you take it as a compliment. If they don’t, you need to work upon yourself and brood less. Children can’t fake it. They like to be happy and surrounded by happy people. If at all there is any judging parameter that I have kept for myself this is it.

Find a hobby for your prime time. Do what you always like to do. This is YOUR TIME. use it with utmost care. this is more important than the hours you work, take care of household, babies and do hundred chores. This is your time. CHILL

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