Dear Kaavya

I have been hearing that lots of students across the globe have fallen for a weird game like Blue Whale. Initially when I heard of it I thought it is crap and I could not bring myself to believe it. I dismissed it till long as a piece of gossip by some publicity seeking elements. However it kept on buzzing again and again till I was forced to look into it as a factual information.

To be honest with you I still don’t believe that our children and so many of them can fall into such traps. interestingly when I read news about various people giving their opinions on these games, I was even more petrified. Various psychologists and academic experts, behavioural experts reasoned out why a child would do that.

Again to be honest I see no reason why a child would ever do that. A healthy child, why would she or he fall for a cheap thrill like this. Another interesting analogy was it is like playing a dark room where a child wants to show he or she is fearless. Kaavya I have seen you playing dark room with your friends like zillion times. Don’t tell me you need to show off your physical or mental strength. I was amazed at people thinking that parents should regulate internet and parents sending links to each other about not letting children stumble upon this blue whale link.

For God sake its not the game, even if there is a betting industry lined behind it. I am sure you would never fall for such an idiotic trap. Its not internet, would you kill anyone else just because there is a game or a thrill showing up. Would you abandon your best friend just because there is a truth or dare bet. Would you jump from a bridge to die just because you think its cool.

I don’t think you would do that and I thank God that you have turned into a sensible child. I am so proud of you that you have learnt in life that being sad and lonely some times is just part of it. I am glad that you have learnt that you can’t fix an opinion about whole life in about first ten years when your over all human experience is zilch.

I am glad you know I love you even when I am angry like a mother guerrilla. Oh you have no idea still how much more than this I love you.

We need our children to be more self confidant, relaxed and stress free. I don’t care you become a performer in life or not. I know you are a super performer when it comes to life. You have seen your mother struggling and there are times when you have been unhappy with me. we have fought with each other and you have hated me. Yet I love the way we restore calmness before we sleep.

My lovely little girl, please remember always that good, bad, ugly I am always in your team. we can pass through anything together. You don’t need to tell me what is happening in every second of your life but we need to be there for each other. I need you as much as you need me, maybe more. Yes I learn from you, I love my every moment with you and I need you more than you need me.

Always remember , never let anyone make you feel smaller or lead you into showing off your greatness by doing trivial things. remember there is some one back home waiting for you. I might kill you in anger but I will always want your best. we might disagree over things but we can always talk it over.

I love you my little one and let no blue whale or any other whale challenge you to belittle yourself or to hurt yourself . You are far more precious than what you think. You hurt, I hurt. Please go ahead in life and fly in your dream sky. Let me there with the bandaid whenever you need me. Be there for me too because I will get old before you and I might need just as many bandaids or more.

Fly high, and never let anyone or anything exploit your weak moments. Remember failures and weak moments are the ones that lead us to blissful strong moments. If you won’t fail you would never know how sweet the success tastes.

So go ahead and let them talk about whatever blue whale is. I know I love you and you love me.


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