Belief System is the inner code that we have created in our minds for ourselves. The blueprint that creates our personality and makeup. There are few very common belief systems or blocks that refrain us from moving towards success and creating our own dream lives. It is very simple to break these unwanted beliefs.

Remember I said it is simple, it is not easy. The point is that we all know that these are unwanted fear and doubts in our minds ranging from one pillar to another. However knowing some thing is one thing and living the same is another.

Live the life you know already and don’t make your mind to let you live the life it wants you to live. Many of us are stuck with the belief that we are not important. If some one ignores us we take it to heart. If some one enters the room and does not talk to us we thing there is some thing wrong with us. For God sake the other person might just be in a foul mood. However most of these beliefs stem from old systems and upbringings.

Manier times as a child our parents don’t listen to us or they are busy. They might be tired and unknowingly they grill into is that we are not important. For example your mother was on phone and yelled at you for disturbing her. Quickly your mind takes a note down “Ah I am not important.” As a parent we ned to handle our children with a little intelligence. Little smart talk to confuse their minds to adopt the signals we want it to adopt.

I personally have manipulated my child’s mind couple of times and seen happy results. Please remember I am saying manipulating the mind of the child and not the child. These are two very different things and would lead to totally different results. Manipulating the mind means writing her inner code the way I want. The code that should be drafted towards success and confidence. I am glad today when I see her sticking a door note saying “I am the best”. Oh yes darling sure you are.

A child lives in black or white state. Either he is important to you or he is not. Hence simple things are redo things you say and how you say. Understand that your little words will go long way in your precious little one’s life. If you are busy rather yelling at her tell her that you would listen to her in a while because you want to give her your full attention. She might be unhappy but she won’t feel unimportant.

Little things matter more in life than the big things we try to change.


KAVITA is a relationship expert and a psychologist. she is a successful author and founder of a company called wisdom valley with innercode 1:1 workshops for juniors.



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