OMG. He is my favourite coach. I must have heard him several times. One of the best webinars I attended was his guided meditation. A phase by phase program that reveals its grandeur to you in a period of seven day. Vishen mesmerises you with his sexy voice and makes you involve in the meditation to an extent where you might doze off, or in his words go in trance.

He belongs to Kuala Lumpur but is conquering the whole world through his mind-blowing effort towards creating a better future for humanity. He offered various free and paid courses in his academy. Some of the courses are life changing. He himself speaks in a hypnotic way and you are challenged. The whole set of rules that he calls BRULES in his own language is dissected in your mind till you come out as a whole new person. He advocates love, oneness, mediation and good vibrations.

He has this innocent and naive smile on him as he sit up in his chair ni front of his red Piano that he claims his wife influenced him to get home. He does not know how to play it but appreciates his aesthetic value. He emphasises on the fact that he started from a crappy office to a lavish one (Mindvalley Academy) now where people are freaking excited to work for him. Though as per him they all co create everything beautiful for mankind together and no-one works for anyone.

Through his book, The Code of the extraordinary mind, Vishen seem to have decoded the mystery of happiness and success. He has a huge fan following and the way he talks motivates you sitting right in one little corner of your house as much as you are ready to run. I think I loved his guided meditation and have benefitted out of his visualisation screen exercise. I loved and had fun doing it so much so that I even passed it to my little daughter, my EVE in this case.

Vishen_2015.jpgWISDOM RATING  ******* 




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