When Chavi Thakur’s six year old daughter, Kayla, used to sob every night to bed for weeks together, it was clear some thing had to change. Ever since she had gone to school she could not bear with the playground politics that the little ones have amongst themselves. The friendship power struggle of unintentionally being mean to each other some times.

On top of it Chavi’s husband had a job that required them to change cities often. When you see your children failing you feel traumatised to the extent that it becomes like a never ending jigsaw puzzle. You do everything under your control and experiment with crazy things to even out all odds. With all this enters amazing amount of self doubt and that is what you unknowingly through unsaid communication pass down to your kids.

Sounds crazy but it is true. Research says that the unsaid communication is more effective always than what we convey in words. if as a parent we are in self doubt or not sure about what we are doing is the best thing it is conveyed and trust me on this it sure is.

Kayla was going down hill and even when she had the best learning support in and out of school, with the educated parents and the top IB board new age school, some thing was not right for the little soul.

It was time now to bring in the next level. Chavi called me after knowing me through a common friend and enrolled Kayla for my JUNIOR LIGHT ACADEMY’s CHIlD EMPOWERMENT PERSONAL COACHING PROGRAM. This was it.

It took me a little while to make friends with Kayla and figure out what her little heart secretly guards. It is weird that at age of six when we hardly have any human experience we start forming opinions and our mind software starts writing life lessons. In our program we very delicately erase those lessons since factually they are only trigger events. We rewrite the brain software int he most healthy way possible.

The idea of having a personal coach for a child is not having a shrink for them. It is like having a tutor for life. What they don’t emphasise in regular school and the skills that are highly important to be successful in life. We create children who have high self esteem and are empowered and make choices and don’t blame others for the same.


Like I said unsaid communication is easiest to be grasped, children are like sponges. They learn to put the blame on others early in life. All we need to rewire is going out and asking themselves ” Well what can I change” , ” What will cribbing fetch me”. Thats where I want to push things through. I want to work with the child who is dealing with a lot at home, having a sibling struggle, or is just scared to pout his hand up for the fear of other children laughing at him. I want every child to out their hand up.

Children often respond more openly to people who are not close to them and are not related. Also we have a team oftrained psychologists and doctors on board that now and then check them in case there are any serious concerns in required cases. In today’s times Life coaching is an upcoming saviour for the new generation. when everything is available so easy some one has to be up there to mentor them.

* * Junior LIGHT ACADEMY’s Life Coaching is available for children between 9 – 18 years both online and in person. Please connect with 9971880693 for more details or visit our FB page wisdomvalley@wisdomvalley.co.in





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