What is that one ingredient by removal of which you can loose as much as ten kg s within a month. SUGAR . Big bold italic. Sugar. Any diet is only and only going to work if there is no sugar. When our body eats more sugar which can be in any form and not necessarily in its original avatar, it is bound to produce more insulin. So even if it is a Diet Coke we are doing ourselves as much harm as with a regular coke. Sugar free drinks are just with added sweeteners those are even worse. Diet Soda is bad, Diet Pepsi or a Diet Coke is extremely dangerous.


Any packaged or processed food is mixed with sugar in various forms. Sugar being referred to by 60 different names is lobbied by food industry in a big way. Sugar is some thing that makes us more hungry. Since it tells the body that it is starving without nutrients and body keeps signalling to mind for more food. Hence the obesity level rise. The cave man used to have 33 spoons of sugar in an year and today our children might be having almost the same amount in a day. with those ice creams, packages cornflakes, flavoured Kelloggs which is supposedly not so great a dietary supplement. Those chocolates, KinderJoys and processed jams, sauces and spreads. We are killing our own generation with TYPE 2 diabetes on a steep rise.

Cut sugar out of your diet and see the magic. If you have a craving for a cold drink, roll a sip in your mouth and let it be warm there. It will help you get over the urge. If you are a non vegetarian, meats have no sugar. No processed or packaged meats though. Preservatives are equally bad. if you are a vegan then go for beans, lettuce and as much of vegetables as possible. Again not preserved bones please. if you can’t go cold turkey on sugar then cut it by eliminating it from atlas one meal in a day.

Dont surprise yourself if you get detox symptoms. Research says Sugar is as addictive as Cocaine. Imagine 33 spoons of cocaine for your children everyday. Phew. lets get together to do some organic farming community support.



Kavita – Writer is founder MindTribe and the author of a bestselling book Few Moments of Letting Go


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