Ashwin Bharti is the visionary who created ZORBA, the Buddha. He is a disciple of Osho and believes in celebrating every moment of life. He advocates drinking in pleasure and living every moment celebrating life. Avid traveller he believes in picking up things and learnings from various points of this round globe.
His interests sparkle in Sufism, Tantra, Zen, Shamanism, everything that is mysterious and mystic.

I attended a short meditation workshop with the man. When I entered the room the man was already present, vibrant and shining in his white kurta. A loving gaze and he offered everyone comfortable setups. The workshop started with him explaining about why darkness is important to us. What is darkness and what is the relative significance of th same when it comes to light.

According to the Taoists, and many other forms of meditation, darkness meditations stimulate the production of Dimethyltriptamine (DMT) in the brain, the spirit molecule, which causes  altered states of consciousness, manifesting as feelings of universal compassion and one love.

I must say I was totally impressed by the new thought that dawned upon me enlightening me of the fact that I was actually never scared of darkness. I was scared of the peripheries. The little light causing various forms, the sounds causing various images in my mind. In fact darkness is silent, loving and engulfing. Darkness is not scary, its liberating.

the two hour workshop is a must as an introduction to the larger world of darkness and exposing you to this new form of meditation and connecting with your spirit molecule.

15934695_10154287278230765_1655863502_nWISDOM RATING *******


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