Well I heard the man talking on this video senior sitting in his dream home. And I must say I was envious . He spoke about how he conducted his dream life and various adventure activities and Voila, that was awesome. Any one would want a life like that and nothing less.

Heres the deal.

As per Jeff anyone can make a life for himself like that. He says he loves people who create businesses since he is one of them himself. he created his own business from a very humble start and made it to a billion dollar league. Sitting in his chair surrounded with mountains he is already setting an example for all of us. His strategy and his course involves dealing with various trigger points that everyone uses while making any decision

According to him before any launch there has to be a strict method of looking at problem and finding a solution for your clients. In his words, “build life and not clients”, that means building life for every one around as well, even for your clients. He wants to coach all of us to build a business that we love and of course building a life that we can’t wait to live very day.

He has devised his product launch formula in such fashion that it gives you all the necessary tips step by step to go forward. it works even when you have not created an idea and are at a very naive stage.

I heard the man only for a 40 minute workshop and it is was only one lesson but yes I am looking forward to an opportunity to hear more and accumulate more tips and strategies.

jeffWISDOM RATING *******




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