Teenage And Life Coaching

  Education is jazzed up today and to my mind lot of things are overrated and some of them are underrated. There is no clear...

Being A Teenager Is Tough

“Teens today have an easy life” is a very common phrase. I would like to differ. I empathise with them and I strongly believe that...

Reading Aloud

I remember when I was a child, I in order to copy the perfect way the news readers used to present the news in...

I Want My Daughter To Use Internet

As I read the news today I saw a statement from a principal of a very reputed school with regards to usage of internet....

Single Parenting

If you are a single parent you might worry about bringing up a healthy and a happy child without guilt. No matter what anyone...

Mindfulness In Children Through Theatre Meditation

We all know what theatre is. We know what Meditation is. Even if don't know how to go about it we know what the word...



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