Guided Meditation – Vishen Lakhiani

OMG. He is my favourite coach. I must have heard him several times. One of the best webinars I attended was his guided meditation....

The M word – Emily Fletcher

VOWW is the word.I attended the masterclass with Emily Fletcher on Meditation for Superperformance. The way Emily explains every little thing is adorable. She...

Core Elements of Successful Launch – JEFF WALKER

Well I heard the man talking on this video senior sitting in his dream home. And I must say I was envious . He...

Darkness Meditation – ASHWIN BHARTI , Zorba the buddha

Ashwin Bharti is the visionary who created ZORBA, the Buddha. He is a disciple of Osho and believes in celebrating every moment of life....

The art of sacred sexuality – PSALM ISODARA

LATE Psalm Isadora was a sex coach, author and yoga teacher based in Los Angeles. Yes a sex coach. Most of us think we...


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