Anger is an emotion learnt by us in early years itself. it is one of the basic emotion a child gets familiar with. Anger in itself is not healthy or unhealthy but if it flares out of control it can cause much vital damage to everyone involved. So while it is absolutely normal to feel angry when you’re wronged, cheated or mistreated, it can lead to life long catastrophe if you don’t know where to stop.

The best way to help yourself and others is to learn the causes and triggers and to diffuse them before they burst out. Wisdom Valley brings you workshops in anger management for all age groups. Unfortunately lot of people underestimate the anger issues faced by children. It is a terrible psychological problem that is faced constantly by educators and parents where a child’s anger erupts frequently and blows all limits set by adults. We have workshops that cater to children about how to manage their various set of emotions involving 16 essential personality traits and factors.

We also offer workshops for men and women who are having problems to deal with day to day life due to anger issues. Anger harms internal health as well as it causes hurt that seals itself for life sometimes

Out of control anger can hurt your physical health, your mental format, your career, your relationships and almost everything around you.

Our workshops are designed to offer assistance to deal with your anger in a better way and come across calmer in life.


What is really behind your anger

What are your triggers and insights about your own emotional health

Ways to diffuse potentially violent situations

Skill set to use in situations where anger takes over

Difference between assertiveness and aggression

Problem Solving and Conflict resolving

Responsibility about your actions and not blaming others

Self evaluation and meditation exercises

Why people react aggressively without thinking of consequences

Part 1 – Why anger and aggression are dominating

  • Society and anger
  • Anger and health
  • Anger and Mind fog
  • Myths about anger
  • Uncontrolled anger is like a trance state that goes uncontrollable
  • Anger triggers

Part 2 – Help your anger

  • How to help children with their anger
  • Anger distorts reality
  • Anger and depression
  • Five minute breather techniques
  • Neutralising affirmations
  • Sex and anger

Part 3 – Coping with anger

  • Timing is everything
  • Positive thinking
  • Anger and love
  • Communicate your bottled up feelings

Part 4 – Calming 

  • Stress and danger
  • Meditation techniques


Course has minimum of 50 hour online and offline sessions with our meditation coach, NLP Coach and Clinical Psychologist taking therapy sessions. You are expected to also appear for a personality trait test so that we can work better on aspects required


The course fee is Rs 60000/ and on successful completion you would be awarded a certificate on behalf of WISDOM VALLEY FOUNDATION. The commercial transactions would happen through our knowledge partners HERE AND NOWW.


Kavita Kabira : Author is the  Founder Wisdom Valley Foundation. A school for alternate education in life. Anger management course is partnered with our knowledge partners to help with NLP and psychometric tests for best results



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