Children learn to Empathise : your children see and live various characters. They know how things feel. They can relate with you better. The connection between you and them as a parent is stronger and more sensitive. They are forced to think in multi direction. Theatre lays the foundation of love, compassion and empathy.

Your children learn to emote. They can create. They can feel, sing dance and enjoy small little things in life. Theatre is like meditation. Each day brings your child closer to life.

Theatre brings them closer to literature and history. They are keen to know what is evolution all about

Above all theatre is meditational and therapeutic. It distresses your child and heals them form inside. The inner child is awestruck and the energy works are channelised

Theatre builds sportsman spirit in your child. It helps them to learn that you don’t get it perfect in the first time and its often okay. Give it your best shot till you achieve what you think is your best.


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